Top 10 Myths About Disabled Parking

There are a plethora of myths when it comes to disabled parking. This is greatly due to the lack of knowledge people have about the topic. That, along with stereotypes can create a lot of misinformation. Though there are several myths, we are going to be covering the 10 most common that affect the disabled drivers of Illinois.

1. Disabled Parking Permits Are Hard To Get

Several people think that it is incredibly difficult to get a handicap parking permit. Though there are a lot of steps you may have to take, it isn’t all that difficult. There are a few variances between the steps you need to take depending on which state you live in.

The difficulty level this can take depends on your condition. For the most part you will need to make sure you meet your states qualifications, get an assessment by your primary care physician and fill out an application.

2. Disabled Parking Is Only For People In Wheelchairs

Many people believe that handicap parking is for people in wheelchairs only. Chances are, if you’re not in a wheelchair but you are disabled, you may have experienced some dirty looks from parking in the spot.

You do not have to be in a wheelchair in order to us disabled parking. There are several reasons that can qualify you for a disabled parking permit. This can range from something as simple as vision impairment to a more serious disease such as lung disease.

3. People Who Can Walk Don’t Deserve Disabled Parking

This myth is just as ridiculous as it sounds. This myth L is just as ridiculous as it sounds. As you just read, people who can walk may still need to use disabled parking. There is judgment you may receive from people nearby that is out of your control.

If you’re able to legally park in a disabled parking space, that means a physician has determined that you meet the requirements. This could also serve as an opportunity to teach someone that there are a variety of disabilities that get approved for handicap place cards.

4. Parking Permits Are For The Elderly

Several people associate handicapped parking with the elderly. This can leave people perplexed when they see a younger person getting out of a car with a handicap place card. Unfortunately, people of all ages get severe disabilities that caused them to need disabled parking.

ust because someone is older or younger doesn’t mean they cannot be disabled. As long as you have a valid driver’s license for the state you live in, you may be qualified for a disabled parking permit, despite your age

5. The Crosshatch Parking Spot Is Legal To Park In

Many people don’t recognize or know the meaning of the crosshatch parking space next to disable the parking spot. Whether you’re disabled or not, this is not a parking spot.

This space is reserved so that individuals can easily get in and out of their vehicles if they have a wheelchair lift. Please refrain from parking in crosshatch parking places, as you could prevent someone fin a wheelchair from being able to get out of their vehicle.

6. Non-Disabled People Can Use Handicap Parking

Believe it or not, there are some people who think that anybody can park in a handicap parking spot as long as they’re only gone for a few minutes. Others also think it’s alright to park in these designated spots as long as all the other parking spaces are taken.

Both of these are completely false. It doesn’t matter if you’re going into a gas station for two minutes or if every other parking spot is filled, if you are not disabled, you are not legally allowed to park in handicap parking spot.

7. You Aren’t Able To Transfer Your Permit

Many people think that you’re not able to transfer your place card to another vehicle. Thankfully, this isn’t the case. As long as you or whoever is disabled is in the vehicle, you can use the disabled parking permit. This means you can use it in just about any vehicle.

Unfortunately, if you have handicap license plates these cannot be switched to another car so easily. You must go through the DMV to switch your handicap plates to a new vehicle if needed.

8. People Who Can Drive Are Not Disabled

Many people believe the myth that if you’re able to drive you are not disabled. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are plenty of invisible illnesses that can prevent people from living an ordinary life.

There are also people approved for disabled permit parking passes you have illnesses that don’t affect their ability to drive, but affect their mobility when walking or moving around. Just because you may not be able to see someone’s illness doesn’t mean that they don’t have it.

9. You Must Have A Visible Disability To Get A Disabled Parking Permit

As you just read, not all disabilities are visible. There are certain requirements and qualifications that one needs to meet in order to be approved for a disabled parking permit. These can be things such as vision impairments, lung disease, and more.

Whether you have a heart issue, respiratory problems, or even a prosthetic limb, you can get approved for a disability parking permit. Many of these disabilities are not visible to others, but they still qualify you as disabled.

10. People Can Borrow Your Permit If Needed

Unfortunately, nobody can use a handicap place card besides the person it is assigned to. That being said as long as the disabled person is in the vehicle the place card maybe used. You are not able to lend your disability permit to friends and family for any reason, even if you really. Doing this could result in your permit being revoked.Make sure you’re using the disabled permit place card legally to protect your ability to reap the benefits of having one.