Mississippi Disabled Parking Permits: How to Get and Renew Yours

If you live with a disability each day, it’s nice to visit businesses and venues that make it easier for you to get around. Due to disability laws in the U.S., there are several public spaces you can visit with accessible amenities that help you make the most of your time there. If you’re a Mississippi resident, there are important things you should know to obtain a handicap parking permit. This item can come in handy when you’re running errands or need to get into buildings for work or school. When you don’t have to exert as much energy to get into a building, you can preserve your wellbeing and protect your health.

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How Do You Apply for a Disabled Parking Permit in the Great State of Mississippi?

Mississippi is a state steeped richly in history and culture. This proud state located in the Deep South of the United States is famed for being not only the birthplace of blues music in the beginning of the twentieth century but also the place where Elvis Presley was born (the city of Tupelo, Mississippi).

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Mississippi and Its Requirements for Obtaining a Disabled Parking Permit

Mississippi, a state located in the southeast part of the United States, bears the nicknames “the Magnolia State” as well as “the Hospitality State.” The name of the state itself is derived from the Mississippi River, whose name in turn originates from Misi zipi, the rendering by the French of the Anishinaabe (Algonquin or Ojibwe) name for that river, Misi-ziibi, which in that language means “Great River.” Mississippi was the 20th state to gain admission to the Union, becoming admitted on December 10, 1817.

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How to Travel Around Mississippi as a Person with Disabilities

Are you planning the ultimate road trip through the beautiful state of Mississippi? In order to fully explore this southern gem of a state which is home to some of America’s most beloved musicians and greatest literary minds, a road trip around this state is an absolute must.

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Why Do You Need a Disabled Parking Permit and How Do You Get One in Mississippi?

According to 2017 data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, disability rates in the state of Mississippi are higher than the national average and are indeed among the highest in the United States. 25.6 percent of adults in the United States possess some kind of disability, but this is compared to the 33.5 percent of adults who are eighteen years of age or older in Mississippi who have some form of disability.

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