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woman experiencing pain with fibromyalgia
Can You Get A Handicap Sticker For Fibromyalgia?

Does fibromyalgia class as a disability and can you get a disabled badge for fibromyalgia? […]

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car on long journey on mountainside road
How To Prepare For Long Journeys As a Disabled Driver

Driving a substantial distance can be difficult for anyone. As a disabled driver, long drives […]

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waiting in line at the dmv
Do I Have To Go To The DMV To Get My Disabled Parking Permit?

Do I have to go to the DMV to get my disabled parking permit? This […]

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man driving car
Keeping Calm On The Road: 4 Tips For Disabled Drivers With Cardiovascular Conditions

Driving with a disability can be a scary thing, especially if the health condition causing […]

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chicago illinois
What Is A Class 2 Illinois Disabled Person?

Illinois works hard to make the lives of its disabled residents and visitors as easy […]

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city of montpelier in vermont
How Do I Get A Disabled Parking Permit In Vermont?

How do I get a disabled parking permit in Vermont? It’s a common question for […]

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view of new york city at sunset
Who Qualifies For A Disabled Driving Permit In New York In 2021?

For people with disabilities, the option to park in a disabled parking spot can make […]

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city at night in atlanta georgia
Renewing A Disabled Parking Permit In Georgia: All You Need To Know

Wondering what’s involved in renewing your Georgia disabled parking permit? We’ve got you covered. Read […]

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driving car in summer
Driving In Summer: 10 Safety Tips To Protect You On The Road

As summer has progressed, COVID restrictions have loosened in many parts of the country and […]

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hand on steering wheel
Driving With Arthritis: 7 Tips On Staying Safe Behind The Wheel

What happens if you have a health condition that may hinder your ability to drive? […]

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parking garage at workplace
Can An Employer Deny Handicap Parking?

Employer parking laws for disabled permit holders is an interesting topic. Employers are legally required […]

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cars on city street
Why Parking In Cities Can Be So Stressful For Disabled Drivers

Copious amounts of traffic, impatient drivers, lack of available or easy-to-get-to parking – driving in […]

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