What is the Easiest Way to get Disabled Parking in Oregon?

Businesses and public buildings all across Oregon are outfitted with handicapped parking spaces to protect the well being of Oregon residents and visitors. We have all seen the blue and white sign indicating a parking space is reserved for disabled parking.

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How do I File for Disabled Parking in Oregon?

In the state of Oregon, disabled parking permits are offered to residents with a condition, injury or disability that limits their mobility. The disabled parking permit program is designed to keep those residents safe from falls and pain-free when they travel around the community.

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Do disabled parking permit holders pay for parking in Oregon?

Every state has its own parking regulation, and that includes regulations for disabled parking and parking permits. In fact, in many states, those regulations vary from one city to another. In Oregon, it can be even trickier to understand the parking regulations because they have four different types of disabled parking permits, instead to the two that most states have.

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How to get your disabled parking permit in Oregon

Trying to get a disabled parking permit can be a challenge for people living in the United States because every state has different rules and regulations. In some states, the […]

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What are the disabled parking regulations in Oregon?

Each state has its own rules for disabled parking. The Americans with Disabilities Act lays out broad federal guidelines that the states must adhere to, but all of them have […]

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