What do I Need to Know About Texas Disabled Parking?

The Lonestar state is dedicated to safety for all drivers and passengers. That’s why everywhere you go, you will find blue and white handicapped parking spaces. These spaces are close to the door and come with extra loading room for walkers, wheelchairs and other assistive devices.

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What is the Easiest Way to Get Disabled Parking in Texas?

Disabled parking permits are issued in Texas by the Department of Motor Vehicles. These permits are a part of an inter-state network of disabled parking spaces available to disabled persons all across America. When you see a blue and white handicapped sign, you are seeing a little piece of Texas history in action.

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How do I File for Disabled Parking in Texas?

In the great state of Texas, disabled parking is offered to citizens with difficulty walking due to pain, balance issues or physical disabilities. Disabled parking permits grant the holder access to disabled parking spaces which are not only closer to the door, but have additional loading space including for vans, wheelchair loading, and walkers. Disabled parking permit holders are also allowed to park at parking meters free of charge.

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How To Receive The Most From Your Disabled Parking Permit In Texas

It can be easy to get lost in all the different information out on the internet about disabled parking. Each state has its laws, and rules and regulations can even be different from city to city. This can make navigating through all the information in your state tough.

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How To Get Your Disabled Parking Permit in Texas

Understanding the world of disabled parking permits is tough. The rules and regulations for who can own a disabled parking permit vary from state to state. Even some cities have their own rules for who can own a disabled parking permit.

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