What Should I Know About Disabled Parking in WA?

The state of Washington offers disabled parking to person’s who are unable to walk more than 200 feet unassisted. This is a broad category of folks, including people with physical disabilities such as an amputation or a wheelchair, or those with serious health conditions like class III and IV cardiac conditions and COPD.

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What do I Need to Know About Disabled Parking in Washington?

The state of Washington issues disabled parking permits to residents who have difficulty walking more than 200 feet. These disabled parking permits grant the right to park in the spaces reserved for disabled people, the handicapped spaces marked by the familiar blue and white wheelchair symbol. This handicapped parking spaces are closer to the door, and have added space alongside them for van loading and unloading.

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How do I File For Disabled Parking In Washington?

Disabled parking in the Evergreen state begins with determining your eligibility. Washington residents with conditions that hinder their ability to walk may qualify for a disabled parking permit. These disabled parking permits are issued on either a temporary or permanent basis, depending on the needs of the applicant. Temporary placards last for six months.

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Where You Need to Receive Your Disabled Parking Permit in Washington

As a disabled person, you need to reap all of the benefits available to you through your state. Checking each state’s rules and regulations regarding a handicap parking permit can be time consuming. Refer to your state’s licensing websites for questions, eligibility, and laws.

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What is the Process to Get a Disabled Parking Permit in Washington?

Reaching your goal of being able to have a handicap parking permit seems farfetched. In reality, you only need to overcome a few obstacles that stand in your way. Remember, you should follow your state and local laws for disabled parking permits.

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