When is it Time to Apply for a Disability Parking Permit in the State of Arizona?

If you have a condition that is considered a legal disability, then it may be time to head to your DMV and get your hands on a disability parking permit that will allow you the ability to park closer to the entrance of government, residential and commercial buildings. There are specific qualifications for this kind of permit, and there are necessary steps you must follow to certify these disabilities as legal within the state of Arizona. If you have just recently become legally disabled or have been for some time but have not received this permit, then it is time to apply for this parking permit if you are a resident of Arizona.

What Qualifies You for a Disability Parking Permit in Arizona

If you’re one of many millions of Americans dealing with a disability, whether it is temporary or permanent, then you should make a point of applying for a disability parking permit. There are different conditions that are legal qualifiers for this type of permit, and it is important to know the difference between what is accepted and what is not to avoid being denied your permit. If you’re wondering which conditions are eligible, take a look at this list below and see if you qualify:

  • You are unable to walk at least 200 feet on your own or with an assistive device without stopping
  • You suffer from a lung disease that is restrictive to the extent that the arterial oxygen tension is less than 60 mm/hg at rest, or when the forced expiratory volume for one second is less than one liter when measured through spirometry
  • One or both of your legs is disabled and you are unable to use it/them to walk
  • You’re unable to walk without an assistive device such as a wheelchair, a cane, braces, crutches, a prosthetic device, a walker, another person, etc.
  • You require the use of a mobile oxygen tank
  • You have a cardiac condition that is classified as Class III or IV by the American Heart Association
  • You are affected by a persistent neurological condition, an orthopedic condition, or arthritis that is severe and impairs your ability to walk
  • You have severe audio handicap

If you meet one or more of these conditions above, then you are eligible for a disability parking permit in the state of Arizona, which means it is time to apply for this permit so that you may reap the benefits of it.

How to Apply for a Disabled Parking Permit in Arizona

If you’re looking to apply for a disability parking permit in Arizona and are an individual who meets any of the legal conditions for it, then there are steps you must take before applying for the permit itself. Following the necessary steps to apply for this permit will keep you from having your application denied or from having the Department of Motor Vehicles issue you a permit for a shorter period of time than needed. The information below will help you identify what you must do to request a disability parking permit from the state of Arizona.

How to Get a Legal Certificate from Your Doctor

If you’re eligible for a disability parking permit within the state of Arizona based on a condition that classifies as a legal disability, you’ll have to have your disability certified by a doctor to be able to apply for this permit. To have your disability certified, you must make an appointment with your physician so that they may complete the proper exams and issue you the necessary certificate to be combined with your application for the parking permit. If you are unable to obtain this certificate then you will be unable to apply for this permit, therefore it is important that you make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible, especially if you are due for a renewal of your disability parking permit. Once you receive this certificate, it is time to apply for your disability parking permit!

How to File Your Application for a Disability Parking Permit

Filing a disability parking permit application in the state of Arizona is simple. You are able to apply for this permit via postal mail if necessary, or you may visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles to apply for the permit in person. Applying in person will speed up the process of having your application approved. If you’re looking to receive your disability parking permit as soon as possible, this will be your best option.

How Long Disability Parking Permits are Valid

There are two periods of validity for disability parking permits in the state of Arizona. Once your submit your application for your permit, you will be approved for either a temporary or permanent permit depending on the details surrounding your condition. A temporary permit is only valid for a period of six months, making this permit accessible to individuals who do not have a long-term or life-long disability. A permanent disability parking permit will be issued to individuals who are permanently disabled or who have a condition that is long-term. These permits are valid for a period of five years.

If you are in need of a renewed disability parking permit, then you will have to go through the process of visiting with your doctor to have them certify you again for this permit if you have been issued a temporary one. If you have been issued a permanent one, you must simply fill out and sign a placard renewal/replacement request.

What to Do Once You’ve Received Your Disability Parking Permit

Once you have received your disability parking permit, it is imperative that you use it properly to avoid receiving a ticket for a parking infraction. The best way to display your permit is by hanging the placard on your rearview mirror. If this is not an option, then you must place your placard on your dashboard so that it may be visible from your windshield. Always remember to remove the placard from your rearview mirror when you drive as you may also receive a ticket for having an obstructing object in your line of sight as you drive.


If you are legally disabled by the standards set in the state of Arizona, then it is time for you to apply for a legal disability parking permit which will allow you easier access to various buildings. If you are uncertain of your eligibility, then speak with your doctor about your physical health and see if they are able to issue you a certificate that you can use with your application.