Many people find a motorcycle to be an enjoyable and convenient mode of transport. Motorbikes are easier to drive through dense urban traffic, and it’s also easier to find a parking space for them! Plus, driving a motorcycle through beautiful scenery on a relaxed, sunny afternoon can be one of life’s great pleasures. But is it legal for a disabled driver to drive a motorbike?

Can A Disabled Person Ride A Motorcycle?

The answer to this question is… absolutely! If a disabled person can pass their motorcycle driving test, then they are completely entitled to drive a motorbike.

What Law Protects Disabled Motorbike Drivers?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is the law that protects disabled people in the US. The ADA makes it illegal for disabled people to be discriminated against on the grounds of their disability. The ADA aims to make sure that disabled people have all of the same entitlements and opportunities as non-disabled people.

Is There A Special Disabled Motorbike License?

No, there is no special disabled motorbike license. If a disabled person passes their motorbike driving test, they will get the same bike license as a non-disabled driver.

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Image by yamabon on Pixabay: Can a disabled person ride a motorcycle?

What Is A Wheelchair Accessible Motorcycle?

A wheelchair accessible motorcycle is a motorcycle with a flat platform that a person can attach their wheelchair to so they can drive without having to leave their wheelchair.

Motorcycle Adaptations For Disabled Drivers

Can I get disabled adaptations for a motorbike? Yes, there are plenty of exciting motorbike adaptations for disabled drivers.

The most popular motorbike adaptations for disabled drivers are:

  • Adaptive electric controls
  • Hand controls for driving
  • Dual brake systems
  • Electric button gear shifters
  • Wheelchair carriers
  • Floorboards
  • LegUp LandinGear
  • Conversion from a two-wheeled motorcycle to a three-wheeler for extra stability

Several companies, including BMW and Honda, are also developing self-balancing motorcycles that will be suitable for disabled drivers.

Do You Need A Disabled Permit To Park A Motorcycle?

If you want to park a motorcycle in a disabled parking space, you must have a disabled parking permit. In most jurisdictions, having a disabled permit also entitles the holder to park in metered, on-street spaces for free.

Can A Motorcycle Passenger Own A Disabled Parking Permit?

Yes, a motorcycle passenger can own and use a disabled parking permit. It is not necessary to be the driver of a vehicle to use a disabled permit.

Vehicles that are being driven by non-permit holders and that are carrying a disabled permit holder as a passenger can use disabled parking infrastructure. Permits must be clearly displayed in a handicap placard holder for a motorcycle if either the driver or passenger is a disabled permit holder.

How To Get A Disabled Parking Permit For A Motorbike

You can get a disabled parking permit for a motorbike by first having a consultation with a medical professional. This can be arranged through Disabled Parking.

Once your disability has been verified, the medical professional will email you a medically certified application form, which you must then complete and submit to your local DMV.

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Image by Irish83 on Pixabay: What is a wheelchair accessible motorcycle?

What Are The Qualifying Conditions For A Disabled Parking Permit For A Motorbike?

The qualifying conditions for a disabled parking permit for a motorbike are:

  • An inability to walk 200 feet without needing to stop to rest
  • An inability to walk without the aid of an assistive device or another person
  • Legal blindness
  • Heart disease classified as Class III or IV by the American Heart Association
  • Lung disease
  • Portable oxygen tank usage
  • Any arthritic, neurological, or orthopedic condition that hampers mobility

What Types Of Disabled Permits Are Available For Motorbikes?

The following types of permits are available for motorbikes:

  • Temporary placard
  • Permanent placard
  • Disabled motorbike license plates
  • Disabled veterans plates

Can I Use My Motorbike Disabled Parking Permit In Every State?

Yes, disabled parking permits from all states are also valid in all other US states.

Safety Guidelines For Disabled Drivers On Motorbikes

Disabled drivers should follow these guidelines to stay safe while driving a motorcycle:

  • Have safety as a first priority.
  • Avoid distractions.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Never rely on good driving from other road users.
  • Drive at a safe speed.
  • Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

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