Trying to multitask while driving is a bad idea. Talking on your phone, navigating, fiddling with controls, and even chatting with passengers can reduce focus and cause accidents.

When you’re driving, safety always needs to be your first priority. All drivers need to take full responsibility for keeping themselves, their passengers, and other road users safe. Using public roads is a privilege and we all owe it to each other to stay focused behind the wheel.

Below, we’ve put together a list of our top tips on how disabled drivers can stay focused behind the wheel.

Can You Effectively Multitask While Driving?

The short answer: no, you cannot effectively multitask while driving. Multitasking while driving is extremely dangerous and it only takes one unfortunate incident for a catastrophic road accident to occur. Any time you “effectively” multitask while driving – be it chatting on your smartphone, texting, or fiddling with controls – it’s nothing but luck that helps you avoid a bad outcome.

Research shows that humans cannot multitask. We’re unable to focus on more than one thing at a time. When we’re “multitasking”, our attention is actually just flitting back and forth between the multiple tasks we are attempting to focus on. This means that when you are attempting to focus on any task other than safe driving while operating your vehicle you are, in fact, completely ignoring driving during the moments when you’re focused on the non-driving task.

This is why “multitasking” is a misnomer, and why so many road accidents are caused by drivers becoming distracted.

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Image by Bertsz on Pixabay: How can disabled drivers stay focused behind the wheel?

How Can I Maintain My Concentration While Driving?

So, how do you keep from losing your focus while driving? Here are our top tips on how disabled drivers can stay focused behind the wheel.

1. Switch Off Your Smartphone

Smartphone use behind the wheel is a cause of thousands of traffic accidents every year in the US. Using a smartphone while driving greatly reduces your ability to focus on driving safely. Switching off your smartphone while you drive is an important way to allow yourself to stay focused behind the wheel.

2. Use Voice-Driven Satellite Navigation

Never try to read a map while driving – either a paper map or a map on your phone. Use a suitability mounted satellite navigation device or app with verbal directions instead. This will allow you to focus on driving while still following the directions coming from your sat nav.

3. Know How To Operate Your Vehicle Controls

Before you begin driving, make sure you’re completely familiar with the controls of the vehicle you’re about to drive. This includes any vehicle adaptations for your disability. Fiddling with controls you’re unfamiliar with while you drive will cause you to lose focus.

4. Make Sure Your Passengers Are Not A Distraction

Ensure you stay focused while driving by making it clear to passengers that they must stay calm and not create any distractions.

5. Never Drive Under The Influence Of Alcohol Or Drugs

Alcohol and drugs will cause you to lose focus while driving. Never drive under the influence of alcohol or any type of recreational drug, or while taking any medication that may reduce your focus on the road.

6. Don’t Drive While Drowsy

It’s very difficult to maintain focus and drive safely while you’re drowsy. If you find yourself drowsy while driving, pull over for a rest, nap, walk in fresh air, or coffee.

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Image by freestock-photos on Pixabay: How can I maintain my concentration while driving?

How Can I Improve Concentration When Driving?

There are several ways you can improve your overall ability to concentrate when driving. Most of these methods of improving concentration are lifestyle habits that improve general health and focus, and will improve your life and productivity across many domains. You can improve your concentration by:

  • Getting enough good quality sleep
  • Maintaining a healthy body weight
  • Exercising regularly
  • Meditating
  • Not using drugs
  • Not abusing alcohol
  • Keeping stress to a minimum

How To Get A Disabled Parking Permit

You can get a disabled parking permit by submitting an application form to your local disabled parking authorities.

The first thing you need to do is get medical certification. This can be done by having a video consultation with a state-licensed medical professional at an online telemedicine clinic. Once the doctor verifies your disability, they will email you a certified application, which you will then complete and submit to your local DMV.

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