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person driving car wearing mask during COVID-19
Transporting A Person With COVID-19: How Disabled Drivers Can Protect Themselves

At the time of writing, the COVID-19 pandemic has been ravaging the world for close […]

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disabled driver smiling behind wheel of car
Nervous Behind The Wheel? 6 Tips To Help Disabled Drivers Stay Calm

Driving can be stressful, and even more so for those with a disability. If you’re […]

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bottles of over-the-counter prescription drugs
8 Safety Tips For Disabled Drivers Who Require Over-The-Counter Or Prescription Drugs

Many disabled drivers need to take regular prescription or over-the-counter medication to manage or treat […]

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road toll
What Is A Disabled Toll Permit?

All US states have toll roads – roads that you must pay to use. Only […]

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boat and lighthouse in connecticut
How Can I Renew My Disabled Parking In Connecticut?

Connecticut has a great disabled parking program that is overseen by the local DMV. The […]

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jacksonville beach florida
How To Get A Disabled Parking Permit In Jacksonville

Jacksonville, Florida has a disabled parking program that is easy to navigate and a modern, […]

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vw beetle car driving through forest
How To Minimize Distractions As A Disabled Driver

Minimizing distractions while on the road is important for all drivers, but especially for disabled […]

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long empty road
5 Tips On How To Stay Alert Behind The Wheel

When you’re on the road, t’s vital to concentrate and focus fully, particularly on long […]

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white van in parking spot
What Does Van Accessible Mean In A Disabled Parking Spot?

People who are new to disabled parking tend to have several questions about the different […]

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person driving car
6 “Invisible Illnesses” That Can Qualify A Patient For A Disabled Parking Permit

An invisible illness is one that is not outwardly apparent to others. While an invisible […]

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deep breath
3 Breathing Techniques To Help Disabled Drivers With Respiratory Illnesses

When people think of the conditions that qualify people for disabled parking permits, they often […]

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woman experiencing pain with fibromyalgia
Can You Get A Handicap Sticker For Fibromyalgia?

Does fibromyalgia class as a disability and can you get a disabled badge for fibromyalgia? […]

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