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driving with satellite navigation
How Disabled Drivers Can Safely Use Satellite Navigation

Today we’re here to talk about how disabled drivers can safely use satellite navigation in […]

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Don’t Multitask: 6 Tips On How Disabled Drivers Can Stay Focused Behind The Wheel

Trying to multitask while driving is a bad idea. Talking on your phone, navigating, fiddling […]

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road in alaska
A Step-By-Step Guide To Applying For A Disabled Parking Permit In Alaska

Driving around Alaska is one of the best ways to see this beautiful state. With […]

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person using phone
Can I Apply For A Disabled Parking Permit On My Phone?

“Can I apply for a disabled parking permit on my phone?” This is a question […]

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arizona landscape
A Step-By-Step Guide To Applying For A Disabled Parking Permit In Arizona

A disabled parking permit is a must for every driver with a disability, but especially […]

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birmingham alabama
A Step-By-Step Guide To Applying For A Disabled Parking Permit In Alabama

At Disabled Parking, we understand that it can be difficult to decipher the wealth of […]

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tulsa oklahoma
How To Get A Disabled Parking Permit In Tulsa

Today we’re here to tell you how to get a disabled parking permit in Tulsa, […]

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car during summertime
9 Summertime Driving Dangers: How To Avoid Them

Summertime driving is usually very enjoyable. Warm weather road trips and journeys to the beach […]

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person driving in bright sunlight
6 Tips To Keep You Safe When Driving In Bright Sunlight

Below we’ve put together list of tips that can help disabled drivers stay safe and […]

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person riding motorbike
Is It Legal For A Disabled Driver To Drive A Motorbike?

Many people find a motorcycle to be an enjoyable and convenient mode of transport. Motorbikes […]

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tampa bay florida
How To Get A Disabled Parking Permit In Tampa

If you live in Tampa and have a disability, you’ve probably already considered getting a […]

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people driving
5 Ways To Protect Against Distracted Driving

Do you sometimes find yourself getting distracted easily while you drive? If so, you aren’t […]

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