Who is Eligible to Be Prescribed Disabled Parking Permits in the State of Arizona?

When it comes to acquiring a disability parking permit in the state of Arizona, you may not know all of the necessary steps to apply and receive one. There are many different rules and regulations for each state across the US that dictate whether an individual is eligible for a disability parking permit or not, and if you’re wondering how to apply, then you should look over this list of steps and necessary requirements to help you move forward with your application process.

Qualifying Conditions for Your Disability Parking Permit Application

When it comes to applying for a disability parking permit in the state of Arizona, it’s necessary to know which conditions are regarded as eligible for this type of permit. There are few exceptions to these rules, therefore it is important to clearly decide whether you are in fact a candidate for this kind of permit. The following list will clarify what is considered a viable condition for this kind of permit. If you’re looking to apply for a disability parking permit in Arizona you must meet at least one of these conditions:

  • You are unable to walk at least 200 feet unassisted without stopping
  • You require the consistent use of a portable oxygen tank
  • You have a cardiac condition that is classified as Class III or IV by the American Heart Association
  • You have serious neurological condition, an orthopedic condition, or arthritis that impairs your ability to walk
  • You have severe audio handicap
  • You suffer from a lung disease that is restrictive to the extent that the arterial oxygen tension is less than 60 mm/hg at rest, or when the forced expiratory volume for one second is less than one liter when measured through spirometry
  • You’re incapable of walking on your own without a device to assist you such as a wheelchair, a cane, braces, crutches, a prosthetic device, a walker, another person, etc.

The Application Process for a Disabled Parking Permit in Arizona

If you’re interested in applying for a disability parking permit in Arizona, then it is important to follow the necessary steps to successfully achieve this. There are certain requirements that are not negotiable when it comes to applying for this type of permit, and it is imperative that you follow through on the complete process to avoid having your application denied. These following insights will help instruct you on what you must do to apply for your disability parking permit.

Necessary Certification from Your Physician

When you are preparing yourself to apply for a disability parking permit in the state of Arizona, you must meet the requirement of setting an appointment with your doctor to receive a certificate that states you are legally disabled, thereby making you eligible for this particular permit. If you are unable to obtain this document from your physician, you will be unable to file for this particular permit. It is important that you get this certificate to apply or reapply for your disability parking permit. You may not use a certificate that is outdated for your permit application, and you must maintain the legal disability status on this certification throughout the duration of having your disability parking permit.

Ways to File Your Application for a Disability Parking Permit

Once you have completed the step of meeting with your physician to receive the certificate stating that you are legally disabled and eligible for this permit, then it is time to fill out the rest of your application and file it. The best and fastest way to file your application is with your local Department of Motor Vehicles in person, but you may also file the application through postal mail.

The proper document you must use to apply for a disability parking permit in the state of Arizona is the Disability-Hearing Impaired Plate/Placard Application form (Form 96-0104). You can find this form at your local DMV or you may print a copy of the form at home and bring it with you to the DMV or send it in the mail. This form has no associated fee, making it a simple process for anyone looking to file fo this permit.

Length of Validity for Disability Parking Permits in Arizona

There are two types of disability parking permits in the state of Arizona and their validity differs drastically. The temporary disability parking permit in the state of Arizona has a validity period of 6 months. If you wish to extend the length of your temporary disability parking permit, you must reapply for your permit by the expiration of your original permit. To do this, you will have to visit with your physician again to be re-certified for this type of permit.

The other type of permit available to eligible persons is a permanent disability parking permit. This permit is valid for a period of 5 years in total. You may renew this permit by the expiration date, and you will need to see a physician again for a new certificate that states your condition. This is the ideal permit for those with long term disabilities or life-long conditions. If you find that you have been issued a temporary permit accidentally then you must contact your local DMV to ensure that your issued permit was for the correct amount of time.

How to Properly Use Your Disability Parking Permit

Once you have been approved for a disability parking permit, you will have to wait a short period to receive the actual placard. Once you have this placard, the best way to use it is by hanging it from your rearview mirror so that it may be easily seen by traffic officers. Alternatively, you may place it on your dashboard if your rearview mirror is not an option for placement. It is important that this placard be visible at all times while in a disabled parking spot as you may receive a ticket for a parking violation if not.


If you are an individual who meets the condition requirements for a disability parking permit in the state of Arizona, then you should make an appointment with your doctor to receive the necessary paperwork to apply. It is your legal right to receive these benefits if you are eligible. Should you receive this type of parking permit, you will be able to have easier access to government buildings, residential buildings, and commercial buildings.