California Regulations for Obtaining a Handicap Permit

You’re permanently or temporarily disabled and live in the state of California, you may qualify to get a DP or disabled person license plate or temporary DP placard. These items allow you to park in spaces that are designed for handicapped individuals. If you want to get a permit or license plate in California, you’ll have to follow specific steps to complete the process.

Am I Eligible?

You may qualify to get a placard or license plate in California if you have impaired mobility because you’ve lost one or more arms or legs or don’t have complete use of one or more legs or arms. If you’ve been medially diagnosed with a disease or condition that interferes with your mobility or if you can’t get around without the use of a device, you’re likely eligible for a disability permit. You may also qualify to get a permit if you have vision issues that have been documented by your doctor, including partial-sightedness or lower vision problems.