Disabled Parking Guide for Colorado

Perhaps you are planning a trip to Colorado and you would like some clarification on their rules regarding handicapped parking. Or, maybe you were recently injured and you are going to be acquiring a disabled parking permit and would like to know some of the rules associated with it and what to expect. Each state varies, generally, although some are more unlike the rest. California, for example, has some rules specific only to that state. In Colorado that is not the case. The state follows similar rules to most other states.


If you are on vacation from another state, you are going to have no problems accessing handicap parking spaces in Colorado. That is, as long as your permit is valid in the state where it was issued. If you have a permit that you acquired in Iowa, but it expired 4 months ago, you are as invalid in Colorado as you were in Iowa.

Some states require you to register for a travelers permit at a department of motor vehicles. Many of the states that require this will also allow you to do it online, making things a little bit easier. Luckily for you, Colorado does not require a traveler’s permit.

Parking Lots

Perhaps you would like to get a better idea of what the layout is going to be in the parking lots in Colorado. Will you be able to access disabled parking spaces anywhere in the state? Will every business have at least a spot or two for you to be able to access?

The answer to both of those questions is yes. However, this is not a unique aspect of Colorado. You see, many of the rules associated with handicap parking are determined by the state. That is why there can be a bit of variance between two states, and something everyone should be careful about.

When it comes to businesses having handicap accessible parking, this is not a state rule, but a federal rule. According to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), any business or public facility must have handicap parking spaces proportional to the total number of parking spaces available. If the parking lot fits 1 to 25 cars, then there will need to be at least one accessible handicap parking space as well as one van-accessible handicap parking space. Van-accessible means that there is room beside the spot so a person in a wheelchair can get into and out of their vehicle. If the lot holds 26 to 50 cars, it requires two accessible spots and one van-accessible. It goes on like that, as the lots get bigger they require more accessible and van-accessible spots. Since this is a federal law, it applies to every state in the country so you can expect at least two spaces minimum anywhere you go.


If you are looking to acquire a permit in the state of Colorado, it is pretty straightforward. There aren’t a whole lot of hoops you need to jump through. Here is a great resource you’ll be able to utilize to get your permit a little bit easier.

Anytime you need to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles, you may potentially be setting yourself up for a pretty bad day. Most people have had a bad experience at the DMV. Some people have only had bad experiences at the DMV. Perhaps you needed 6 points of identification but you only remembered to bring 5 points. Maybe someone who was helping you out was rude. Maybe the place was crowded and you ended up being there for 4 hours when it should’ve only taken about 20 minutes. Regardless, applying online is going to be the best move in terms of expediency and efficiency.


There has never been an easier time to go through the acquiring process for a disabled parking permit. The Internet is the primary reason for this. Every step required to get your permit can now be completed online. You’ll even be able to get a doctor to evaluate your medical records over the computer or your smartphone. If you need to speak to a doctor, they are available via video chat. Most will be able to determine whether or not you are eligible through this video call. You can be sure that your information will be kept safe, it is a very secure process. Finally, the forms and documents will be emailed over to the DMV. You don’t even need to go there!

This type of convenience is great for everyone. It is especially great for someone who has some type of disability where it is extremely difficult to get around. Online registration for a disabled parking permit probably makes the most sense for the most people.

Paying for Parking

There is one part of Colorado that sets it apart from many other states due to a house bill that was passed a few years ago. This new law determined that if a person has a certain set of disabilities, they will not have to pay for parking. You need to get additional clearance from the state to have access to this type of permit. It is only available for people whose disability makes it hard enough for them to access parking meters. There are a few other factors involved. Most states do not offer this option to people who have disabled parking permits.

If you are interested in finding out if you are eligible for this special permit, you will probably want to bring it up to your doctor during the consultation to determine your likelihood of acquiring a parking permit. If the doctor agrees that you should be able to get that special permit which exempts you from paying parking fees, there will be some additional paperwork to submit to the DMV.


Most of the rules in Colorado are similar to the rules in other states when it comes to handicap parking privileges and how to acquire them. The most notable difference is that Colorado has the option for a special parking permit that makes parking free to the people who qualify for it. Either way, registering online is probably the best way to go about it.