How to Get your Disabled Parking Permit in New Mexico

The state of New Mexico has set aside a number of parking spots with easier accommodations and proximity in many business places and protected and designated these parking spots for the use of disabled persons. If you have a condition or disability which has affected your mobility, it’s worth looking into the application process to see if you qualify.

A disabled parking permit is a great tool that you can use to better your quality of life, as it can make going about errands a lot easier! Read on for a detailed, step by step guide as to how to get a disabled parking permit in the state of New Mexico.

Make Sure You Qualify for a Disabled Parking Permit

As necessarily the number of designated parking spaces for disabled use only is limited, the state of New Mexico has a review process in place to ensure that only those who need the spaces can use the spaces.

The application form for disabled parking permits in New Mexico is called a Certificate of Eligibility. This form, MVD-10383, needs to be downloaded from the New Mexico Department of Motor Vehicles website. It is important to note that photocopies of this form will not be accepted; it needs to be the original.

Part of this form includes a section for review with a medical professional which can help determine your eligibility.

Speak with a Medical Professional to Determine Your Eligibility

There are currently two options as to how to complete this task.

  1. If you have a personal physician or if your condition allows you to visit a local doctor in person, download your form and go speak with your doctor. He or she will go through the list of qualifying conditions on the form with you and discuss your options going forward.
  2. If this option does not sound possible due to your life circumstances or condition, there is a simpler way. Video chatting with a medical professional online can allow you to complete this step from the comfort of your living room. Additionally, your application form will be emailed confidentially and quickly to the Department of Motor Vehicles immediately after your call.

Qualifying Conditions for a New Mexico Disabled Parking Permit

During your visit or call with a licensed medical professional, you will determine whether your medical condition aligns with the following list of qualifying conditions. You may be eligible for a New Mexico Disabled parking permit if:

  • You have a medical condition that affects your ability to walk such that you can not walk one hundred feet without having to stop and rest;
  • You cannot walk more than one hundred feet unaided by a crutch, brace, walker, cane, prosthetic or assistive device, wheelchair, or another person;
  • You have lung disease as defined by an expiratory volume less than one liter per second when properly measured OR if the oxygen tension in your arteries is less than sixty millimeters at rest, on room air;
  • You use any form of portable oxygen;
  • You have any kind of severe cardiac condition;
  • You have an arthritic, neurologic, or orthopedic condition that so far impairs you ability to walk that you are bound to a wheelchair or other assistive device.

If you are an amputee but do not otherwise meet any of the other above stipulations, you will not be considered eligible for a New Mexico Certificate of Eligibility and resulting disabled parking permit.

Fill Out your Form and Gather Your Materials

The first section of the Certificate of Eligibility should be filled out by you. Specific information that you will need in order to do so will include your full name and address, your address and date of birth, and your social security number.

You will also need to indicate in the first part of the form whether you are requesting the certificate for the first time, or if you are asking for a replacement or a renewal. You will also be asked to provide the name, address, and telephone number of the medical professional confirming your disability just in case further information is required while you wait for your application to be processed.

In addition to the original application form and the notice from your physician, there will be no fee required. Simply mail those two documents to your nearest New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division field office (locations available online) and you will be ready to go!

Wait For Your Permit to Arrive in the Mail

It is important to note that simply completing the application does not mean that you are able to start enjoying the privileges associated with your impending Certificate of Eligibility. When your permit arrives in the mail it will be accompanied with the parking placards that will enable you to park in disabled parking places. Wait for these to arrive before using the disabled accommodations.

Renewing Your Placards

If you have a permanent permit, it will expire every four years. It is recommended that at least two weeks prior to the date of expiration, you initiate the renewal process. The state of New Mexico will not issue you any reminders; it is up to you to remember to do this.

To begin the renewal process, simply download the same form you used to apply the first time. You will need to obtain medical approval from a licensed medical professional again to ensure that your medical condition still qualifies.

Having a disabled parking permit in the state of New Mexico is a fantastic tool you can use to make running errands with your condition much easier. Applying for one entails many steps, but if you follow the steps in this guide, it should be a breeze! Whenever you need to apply for a disabled parking permit in the state of New Mexico, or if you need to renew your parking permit, please refer to this guide for all of the details you will need to easily obtain your New Mexico disabled parking permit.