How to Use A Disabled Parking Permit In New Mexico

Certificates of Eligibility and their associated disabled parking permits in the state of New Mexico can enable the permit holder to park in specific parking spaces set aside for the use of disabled persons. These accommodations can make your live much easier, as it can enable you to go about your daily life without worrying about having to walk further than you easily can!

However, these benefits are only good to you if you know about them. Read on for a complete guide as to the rights and responsibilities associated with your New Mexico Disabled Parking Permit.

Know Which Type of Permit You Have

Knowing which type of disabled parking permit you have is the first step towards taking good care of it.

  • Temporary disabled parking placards are issued for any amount of time less than twelve months during which you will be needing to use disabled parking spaces.
  • Permanent disabled parking placards are issued for any time more than twelve months that you will be experiencing your disabling condition.

Temporary disabled parking placards will be required to be renewed, if desired, once they expire. Permanent disabled parking placards will need to be renewed every four years to ensure that your condition still qualifies you to use disabled accommodations. The renewal process is the same process as initial application; please download the application form from the New Mexico state website to get started.

When to Use your New Mexico Disabled Parking Permit

Perhaps the most important rule for safely and legally utilizing your New Mexico Disabled Parking Permit is when you should place the placard. The placard should be placed on your rear-view mirror in the front of your vehicle when you are parked in a designated handicapped parking space.

However, this placard should only be placed on your rear-view mirror when your vehicle is not in motion. It is very dangerous and highly illegal for there to be a large swinging object near your head in your car while you are driving. Please remember to always remove the placard from your rear-view mirror before you leave your parking space.

How to Replace a Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Disabled Parking Permit

The state of New Mexico will work with you to make the transition period as quick and painless as possible. Please follow these steps if you need to replace your parking permit.

  • If you have lost or misplaced your parking permit: Please call the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division at 888.683.4636. You will likely have to identify yourself by submitting your New Mexico Driver’s License (or Non-Driver’s License) identification number. Additionally, you can use the same application form you initially used to obtain the parking permit to request a replacement.
  • If you believe that your disabled parking permit has been stolen: Please call the police to file a report. Please file a copy of this report with your application for a replacement.
  • If your parking permit or placard has been damaged: Please simply stop by any Motor Vehicle Division office for a free replacement. Be sure to bring the old placard when you do so to trade it in.

What Can You Do with a New Mexico Disabled Parking Permit?

The following are the rights accorded to those who hold a non-expired New Mexico disabled parking permit. If you have a New Mexico disabled parking permit, you can:

  • Park in clearly designated handicapped parking spaces, which may make it easier to access certain buildings and businesses. These parking spaces will be marked by a sign or paint on the ground featuring the International Sign of Access (the wheelchair symbol).

Please note that in New Mexico, the parking placards are issued to the person with the disability (you) and not a specific vehicle. This means that you can use it with any vehicle in which you happen to be travelling. However, it is only legal for the parking placard to be used to park a vehicle which you are driving or in which you are riding.

Your New Mexico Disabled Parking Permit and Access Aisles

Wherever there are more than two disabled parking spaces in one location, there will usually be access aisles between and surrounding the parking spaces. These will be demarcated on the ground with large diagonal lines within the boxed area.

Access aisles are specifically set apart so that people with disabilities have enough room to enter and exit their vehicles. As this can often include equipment such as wheelchairs and wheelchair ramps as well as assistance from others, it is essential that the access aisles remain unobstructed.

Whether you have a New Mexico disabled parking permit or not, please make sure that you do not park in any way that obstructs these access aisles. If you do, you may be liable to disciplinary action up to and including revocation of your parking permit.

Where Can You Use Your New Mexico Disabled Parking Permit?

If you are travelling outside of New Mexico, you can still use your parking permit. As long as it is up to date and undamaged, you should be able to enjoy the same rights anywhere else that you are able to in New Mexico.

If you are an individual who has a disabled parking permit outside of the state of New Mexico and wishes to travel in New Mexico, please utilize the parking permit issued by your home state to park in disabled-only spaces in the state of New Mexico.

If you have applied for and received a disabled parking permit, you can use it to make going about your daily life in the state of New Mexico much easier! However, to avoid potentially having it taken away, it’s important that you don’t misuse the rights accorded to you with your permit. Please be sure to use the placard every time you park in a disabled parking space, and to renew it before it expires to continue enjoying the associated privileges.