Where to Find Rhode Island’s Disability Parking Placards?

You’re sitting at home, trying to figure out where to begin your journey through your state’s procedures for handicap parking permits. All of the states in the country require different eligibility and have various rules for you to follow. Do a little research to figure out whether your local laws are the same as the state or not.

Rhode Island only has five counties in the entire state, so be sure you also check the ADA guide. There were over 49,000 disability parking placards issued within the last year, only in Rhode Island. Follow the below rules to acquire your disabled parking permit.

What do You Need to Qualify?

You’ll need to have a computer to download and print the application from the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles website for your review. The application lists all of the criteria you need to meet to be eligible like:

  • You are legally blind or have severe vision loss
  • You are breathing portable oxygen for help
  • You have a chronic lung disease that constrains the normalcy of your breaths
  • You are unable to walk without another person’s help, you have a cane, brace, crutch or wheelchair aiding your mobility
  • You have a heart disease or condition Class III or Class IV

Your health physician will need to fill out one page of your application with one or more of the ailments listed above to certify your disability. Do not forge any of the documentation, all your information including doctor’s contact will be recorded for legitimacy purposes. Later, you will be advised, according to Rhode Island law, to maintain your medical certification every few months, or years as determined by your classification of parking placard.

What Category Do You Fall Into?

Your doctor will select a classification for you on your application, depending on your condition. You may have a temporary disability, long-term disability, or a permanent disability. Each rank will predict your expiration date for your handicap parking placards.

Temporary Placards Disabled up to 6 months Expire within time limit and require new application and medical certificate at renewal

Long-Term Placards

Disabled one to three years Expire depending on length; also require reapply and recertify to renew
Permanent Placards Disabled over three years Expiration depends on longevity of disability; renewal sent by mail prior to expiration

What If You Drive a Motorcycle but Need a Disability Placard?

If you do not have a passenger vehicle, you may register your motorcycle by your license plate. Each disability plate is faceted to your motorcycle as a regular license plate would be. You will not be allowed a hanging placard for registering a motorcycle. You are subject to fees associated with obtaining a disability license plate.

How Do You Know If You Are Using the Parking Permit Properly?

Once you have your placards, brochures will be sent explaining proper use and care. Remember to always hang your placard on your rearview mirror, expiration date showing through your windshield. One of the major rules to abide by as a disabled parking placard holder is to ensure you never hang your placard while your vehicle is in motion. Additionally, if you do not drive and require transportation in a vehicle not owned by you, you may use your placard, only if you are present in the vehicle.

If you allow other family and friends to borrow your parking permit, you are in breach of Rhode Island’s state laws as a disabled person. Brush up on the fines and punishment you could be facing if you permit these actions.

Where You Can Access Your Division of Motor Vehicles Offices

Through the website that you downloaded your original application, you will find links to your local branches. Directions, addresses, and contact numbers are provided to you for ease of use. Rhode Island’s small area on the map is accessible to any location wherever you live. If you are submitting a new application, renewal or lost/stolen identifying documents please mail:

Division of Motor Vehicles
Disability Parking Placards Offices
600 New London Avenue
Cranston, RI 02920

How You Replace Disability Parking Placards

Life happens and you may end up losing your parking placard but don’t be discouraged for fear of filling out another application and medical certification. There are other steps in place to help protect you against fraudulent use and just lost or damaged permits. If you lost your parking placard you will need to sign an affidavit for lost placards, which can be acquired from the same website as your original application and submit through the mail.

For your stolen disability parking placards, you will need to file a statement with the police, get a report from them and mail the report and your driver’s license information to the DMV. You may go in person to your local Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles office with proper identification and the original police report.

Damaged parking placards are easily replaceable by taking your damaged placard to your DMV office and receiving a new one. You must have the damaged placard, or you will not be allowed to retrieve another.

Where are You Allowed to Park?

Rhode Island law states that as a disabled parking placard holder, you are allowed to park anywhere an accessible space is located. If you are a visitor with an out of state placard you have the same rights and rules that apply to Rhode Island residents. Malls, offices, government buildings and other venues are required to provide a certain number of handicap spaces per ADA guidelines.

Rhode Island’s Application Endeavors

The Rhode Island Division of Vehicles department urges you to submit most of your information through the mail. If you find yourself in need of other help, you may visit your nearest location, but you will still need to mail your documentation. If you still don’t understand after reviewing this entire message, then research the topic and be sure to include Rhode Island and disability parking rights and laws.