There are numerous reasons why someone might require a disabled parking permit, but Alabama is strict about who can prescribe them for individuals. If you are a legal resident of the state of Alabama and are seeking a disabled parking permit to help you travel and get around town, then you need to receive official certification from a licensed medical physician.

What Is a Licensed Physician?

A licensed physician in the United States is somebody who has completed medical school, obtained their license, registered with a state medical board, and remained up to date with their paperwork. Few individuals qualify as licensed physicians, and the state of Alabama requires that you receive your certification with a doctor that is licensed to practice medicine within Alabama itself. This means if you have previously obtained certification from someone who practices in a nearby state like Georgia, then you need to visit a different doctor and have them complete the paperwork.

How Long Can Prescription Take?

Not every doctor will be willing to prescribe a disabled parking permit after a single exam. Some doctors will want to see you for multiple appointments to see if there is a method available for treating your condition. If you need the permit as soon as possible, this can be frustrating and waste your time, especially if you have had many years of prior doctor’s visits.

However, the majority of doctors will prescribe a disabled parking permit after a single visit, especially if you bring records of your medical history. If you have lived in the same location for most of your life, then visit your regular doctor for certification.

Online Physician Meetings

If you are concerned about the length of time that it will take to get a prescription, consider using an online service. There are now multiple websites that connected differently abled individuals with physicians across the United States that allow you to describe your condition and talk with a doctor through a video chat.

Using a website can be an excellent solution for many people seeking disabled parking permits, especially if you don’t have transportation or someone who can pick you up and drop you off at a hospital or doctor’s office. After all, you are seeking the permit to access handicapped parking spaces because you have difficulty using the regular lot.

When using a video chat to speak to a doctor, it’s important to choose a website that serves as a one-stop shop. You will want one that allows you to send and receive medical records in a safe environment, and one that will also send you a copy of your state DMV’s disabled parking permit application that has been signed by the doctor.

One of the websites currently in use is, which fulfills these requirements. Through this website and similar models, you can locate a doctor in Alabama who is willing to prescribe disabled parking permits. There is safe system to send your medical records, a confidential video chat, and the doctor will send you an Alabama application to your email that they have signed and certified.

The Benefits

There are many reasons why you might choose to go online to seek out a physician who can prescribe you disabled parking placard. As mentioned earlier, this is often the best way to meet with a doctor when you are currently unable to use disabled parking spaces. While the state of Alabama has one of the easiest application processes in the United States, it still does not accommodate disabled individuals well when it comes to approaching a physician.

Another benefit of going through a website is the ability to meet with a doctor on your schedule and without needing to create an appointment several weeks in the future. Instead of waiting, you can find somebody willing to chat with you at any time. This simplifies the process of getting the disabled parking permit and ensures you receive it faster than before.

Finally, there is the ability to choose your physician. Many people have preferences when it comes to their doctor, but it can be difficult to find someone willing to speak about your needs and accommodate your concerns. When you visit a website dedicated to helping you meet doctors interested in prescribing disabled parking permits, you can choose gender, background, experience, and other elements to ensure you have a more comfortable experience. Plus, all of the physicians are already interested in helping handicapped individuals, so you don’t have to waste time visiting a doctor who is unwilling to help.

Alabama Paperwork

Once you have your certification from a physician, you need to ensure you fill out the proper paperwork to receive your permit. In Alabama, the document is called the Application for Disability Access Parking Privileges (Form MVR 32-6-230). One of the great things about Alabama is that the application is available online at the DMV’s website to be printed and filled out. Make sure you have the doctor who prescribed your disabled parking permit sign the application.

Once you have filled out the forms, you can either present them in person at your local DMV or mail the forms. When you give the documents to the DMV in person, you can receive your placard during the same visit. If you choose to mail the application, you might wait anywhere from two to four weeks to receive your permit.

There is no fee for submitting the paperwork for a disabled parking permit unless you are also interested in getting an associated license plate. If you are seeking a handicapped license plate as a disabled individual yourself or a transporter, then you will need to complete the paperwork and pay a $23 fee.


The only person who can prescribe disabled parking permits in Alabama is a board-certified physician who is licensed with the state. To contact one, you can either research doctors in your area or utilize a website that puts you in contact with doctors who accommodate disabled patients seeking certification.