Handicap parking placards are available in all US states for people who have various disabilities and mobility issues. A handicap parking placard entitles its holder to park in designated disabled parking spaces and also in some metered, on-street spaces for free.

Handicap parking permits exist to equal the playing field and improve accessibility for people with disabilities. They enable disabled drivers to get around much more easily and to access important public areas and amenities.

As a permit holder, it’s important to understand the handicap parking rules and regulations. This includes knowing when you need to renew your placard and how to go about the renewal process. Let’s talk about how to renew your disabled permit and whether you need a DMV handicap placard renewal form to do so.

Handicap Parking Laws

Handicap parking is a federal law. Disabled parking rules and regulations are stipulated in the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

The ADA is federal legislation and all states must abide by it. However, each state has its own individual handicap parking program, so while all programs adhere to the ADA, they also tend to have unique details that enable them to cater best to the needs of the people they serve.

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DMV Handicap Placard Renewal Procedure

Each state has its own branch of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). In a minority of states this department is known by another name, such as the Motor Vehicle Division, Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Agency, or Driver Services.

In most states, it is the local DMV or its equivalent that issues disabled parking permits.

Each US state has its own list of available handicap parking permit types. The application procedure and how long permits are valid also varies slightly state by state.

What Types Of Handicap Placards Are Available From The DMV?

In most states, the following types of handicap parking permits are available:

  • Permanent disabled parking permit
  • Temporary disabled parking permit
  • Organizational disabled parking permit (for organizations that transport disabled people)
  • Disabled Veterans disabled license plates

Do All Types Of DMV Handicap Placards Expire?

Yes, all types of disabled parking permits expire. In most states, temporary permits expire after six months and permanent permits expire after four to six years. Disabled license plates need to be renewed annually.

When Should I Renew My DMV Disabled Placard?

You should renew your disabled parking permit four to six weeks before it is due to expire. The expiry date of your permit will usually be written on the permit. Some states email permit holders a few months before their permit is due to expire to give them notice that they need to renew.

How Do I Get A DMV Disabled Placard Renewal Form?

You can pick up a DMV disabled placard renewal form from your local DMV office. You can usually also download one from your local DMV’s website.

Can I Renew My Handicap Placard Online?

Yes, most jurisdictions have an option that allows people to renew their handicap placard online.

How Do You Submit A DMV Handicap Placard Renewal Form?

In states that allow online applications, you can submit your DMV handicap placard renewal form online, entirely remotely. You can also get medical certification remotely using a telemedicine clinic.

You can also submit DMV handicap placard renewal forms by mail or, in some states, in person at your local DMV office or tax collector’s office.

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Do I Need A New Medical Certification When Renewing My Handicap Placard?

If you are renewing a temporary handicap placard you will need a new medical certification. In most states, if you are renewing a permanent permit you will not need to get new medical certification.

How Do I Get A Handicap Placard From The DMV?

If you are getting your first handicap parking permit from the DMV, you will need to have a consultation with a state-licensed medical professional, who will examine you to verify your suitability for a disabled parking permit.

Once they have verified your suitability, they will sign the relevant sections of an application form. You will then need to complete the application form and submit it to your local DMV.

Where Do I Mail My DMV Application For A Disabled Person Placard?

A DMV application for a disabled person placard should be mailed to your local disabled parking authorities. Usually this will be your local DMV or county tax collector’s office.

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