If you live in Detroit and have a qualifying condition, you should consider applying for a Michigan disabled parking permit. Having a disabled parking permit makes driving around the city so much easier, and gives you access to reserved and accessible parking at your destination.

Disabled parking permit application processes vary from state to state, and sometimes it can be tricky to navigate all the information online. Luckily, the application process for a Detroit disabled parking permit is simple and inexpensive! Below, we’ve put together a guide to Detroit handicap parking application to answer some of the questions you might have about the process. Read on to learn all you need to know about how to get a disabled parking permit in Detroit, Michigan.

How do you qualify for handicap parking in Detroit?

In Detroit, and in Michigan in general, there is no official list of qualifying conditions for disabled parking. This means that the medical professional who does your evaluation for the application will be the one to decide if you qualify for a parking permit.

There are some conditions that generally qualify for a disabled parking permit, including:

  • A cardiac condition classified as Class III or IV (this may also include heart attack and stroke)
  • Severe breathing difficulties and/or use of an oxygen tank
  • Use of an ambulatory assistive device such as a cane, walker, brace or wheelchair
  • Partial or total loss of limb
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), including emphysema and bronchitis
  • Severe obesity
  • Total or partial blindness or severe vision impairment
  • Dizziness, seizures and muscle spasms
  • Inability to walk more than 200 feet without stopping or the risk of falling

The above list is not exhaustive – you should discuss your medical condition with your physician to see if you could still benefit from a disabled parking permit.

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Image by Jameson Draper on Unsplash: What qualifies you for handicap parking in Detroit?

There are three types of disabled parking permit available in Detroit: disabled licence plates, temporary disabled parking placards, or permanent disabled parking placards. Which of these you receive will depend on your medical condition. If your condition will not improve or is life-long, you will receive a permanent disabled parking placard.

How To Get A Disabled Parking Permit In Detroit

If you have one of the above conditions, or you think you may qualify for a disabled parking permit, the first step is to download a Detroit Disability Parking Placard Application (form BFS-108). Fill out the first part of this form with your personal information.

Following this, you will need to book a consultation with a registered Michigan state physician. Disabled Parking can help you to organize a consultation via telemedicine, so you don’t even need to leave your home in Detroit in order to do this step! This consultation will be quick (usually ten minutes), during which the medical professional will assess your condition and discuss your medical history. They will then complete the remainder of the form to certify your application.

The completed form can be either mailed or taken in-person to your local Detroit Secretary of State office in order to be processed. The original form must be submitted; no copies are accepted.

How to use your disabled parking permit in Detroit

Once you receive your disabled parking permit, you are free to park in disabled parking spaces in the city. However, please remember to always display your placard correctly and visibly, as failure to do so (despite having a qualifying condition that may be visible) is an offence. If you witness others unlawfully occupying disabled parking spaces, you’re encouraged to report this breach of regulation to local law enforcement.

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Image by albertoadan on Pixabay: Is handicap parking free in Detroit?

Disabled parking places are usually located close to the buildings they serve, meaning those with a physical disability do not have to travel as far to the entrance. They also allow more space for larger or adapted vehicles, making them more accessible for those who need more room to enter or exit their vehicle.

You must also remember to renew your disabled parking placard in time, before it expires, in order for it to remain valid. Luckily, you generally do not need to have another physician consultation for this, and there is no renewal fee, so the process is not very difficult.

Is handicap parking free in Detroit Michigan?

The short answer is yes – for some people. In order to qualify for free parking in places that typically incur a fee, you must have a yellow free-parking sticker, which is only available to those with certain conditions. You cannot park for free with only your disabled parking placard. A sticker will also only guarantee you free metered parking in public areas; private car parking companies can still charge you.

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