Having a disabled parking permit can make life so much easier in Phoenix. Having the knowledge that you will be able to use accessible, reserved parking can give peace of mind to many drivers navigating the city.

Many states in the US have different rules for disabled parking, and navigating all the information online can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here! We’ve put together a quick guide below on how to get a disabled parking permit in Phoenix, Arizona. Read on for all you need to know about Phoenix disabled parking.

Qualifications for handicap parking in Phoenix

Applying for a disabled parking permit in Phoenix is a relatively simple process. If you suffer from one of the qualifying conditions, you are eligible for a handicap parking permit. You should speak to a qualified medical professional if in doubt about whether your condition qualifies.

If you suffer from one of the below conditions, you are entitled to a disabled parking permit:

  • You cannot walk 200 feet without rest
  • You are restricted by lung disease to substantially lower expiratory volume and a low arterial oxygen tension volume
  • Your capacity to walk is severely limited due to an arthritic, neurological, or orthopedic condition
  • You use portable oxygen
  • You are unable to walk without the assistance of a brace, cane, assistive device, or another person
  • You have a cardiac condition with class 3 or 4 functional limitations, as per American Heart Association Standards
  • You have a disability placard from another state
  • You are a registered disabled veteran

Organizations that use their own vehicles to transport employees with one of the above conditions may also apply for a disabled parking permit in Phoenix. This may only be used when the individual in question is using the vehicle.

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Image by PJ Gal-Szabo on Unsplash: What are the qualifications for handicap parking in Phoenix?

Phoenix handicap placard application

If you have one of the above conditions, you can start your application for a Phoenix disabled parking placard. The first step is to arrange a consultation with your physician – Disabled Parking can help with this. The entire process can be done online, in the comfort of your own home, with one of our registered Arizona physicians.

During the quick consultation, the doctor will discuss your medical history and your medical condition at present. If the physician decides that you are a suitable candidate, they will provide you with the certification required for your application for a disabled parking permit.

Once you have received this certification, you can file the Disability-Hearing Impaired Plate/Placard Application form (Form 96-0104) with your local DMV. Download this form from the Arizona DMV website or obtain a paper copy at your nearest DMV office in Phoenix. Once you have completed the form, you can either send it via mail to your local Department of Motor Vehicles office or file it in person. No fee is required, so you can apply as soon as you receive the proper certificate from your doctor.

Depending on your condition, you will either receive a temporary or a permanent disabled parking permit. A temporary permit must be renewed after six months, and you will need to be re-certified by a physician in order to reapply. Permanent permits expire after a period of five years, and you must apply for renewal before this period finishes, or you risk losing your disabled parking rights until you receive a replacement permit.

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Image by gregroose on Pixabay: How can I begin with my Phoenix handicap placard application?

Phoenix handicap parking laws

Once you’ve received your disabled parking permit, you must make sure to always display it clearly in your vehicle – preferably on the rearview mirror, but displayed on the dashboard is also fine, as long as it can be easily seen by traffic officers. Phoenix has fines for those who are wrongfully parked in handicap parking spaces, but by following signposts and properly displaying your disabled parking permit, you can’t go wrong with using reserved handicap parking in Phoenix.

All in all, applying for a disabled parking permit in Phoenix need not be a complicated or difficult process! It can be done online, and once you receive your handicap parking permit you’re free to use the city’s accessible parking spaces. This can bring great peace of mind and security to drivers who may otherwise struggle to secure adequate parking in Phoenix.

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