Obtaining a disabled parking permit in Florida can be difficult if you do not know how to do it. You must qualify for a permit. We are going to talk about how to tell if you qualify for a disabled parking permit in the state of Florida.

Florida Rules

Each state will have different rules that will allow you to qualify. Florida, like any other state, will have its own rules that will either qualify you or not qualify you from obtaining a disabled parking permit. It is important that you meet the qualifications before you go and fill out an application. Keep in mind that your physician or another certified practitioner must verify that you have one or more of the following issues that would allow you to become eligible for a disabled parking permit.

Conditions that Qualify You

In order to obtain a disabled parking permit in the state of Florida, you must not be able to walk more than two hundred feet without taking a break. This is a requirement that all disabled persons must meet in order to qualify for a disabled person’s parking permit. There are a few other things that would qualify you for a disabled parking permit, however, everyone must meet the rule stated above.

  • If you have severe issues with mobility due to orthopedic, neurological, or arthritic conditions, you may qualify for a disabled parking permit.
  • If you have lung disease and it restricts you. This is especially true if there is a forced expiratory volume or FEV for at least one second. This one second would need to be measured by what is known as spirometry. When the results come back and you have less than a single liter or the arterial tension oxygen is less than sixty mm/hg while resting.
  • If you are legally blind or are wheelchair-bound, you will qualify for a disabled parking permit.

If you are someone who is disabled and cannot possess a driver’s license or do not have an identification card you must state this on your application. This must be stated by the medical professional assessing you.

Application Process

To obtain the application that would need to be filled out to get a disabled parking permit, you would need to go to the local County Tax Collector Office. You can also visit a License Plate Agency or even print the documents online. You will not be charged a fee for a permanent parking permit, however, if you are issued a temporary parking permit there will be a fifteen-dollar fee.

All you will need to do is fill out the application with your physician. The form will need to be filled out and completed with all the information necessary. Both you and your physician will need to sign the application and it will need to be brought into the License Plate Agency or the Tax Collector Office for your county.

How Long Is It Valid?

The time range that your parking permit, temporary parking permit, and plates are valid will vary. Plus, there are other instances that will determine how long the card or plates are valid.

  • Temporary Plates and/or Cards will be valid for a maximum of six months. This means that they cannot be used over six months after the date they are issued.
  • Permanent Plates and/or Cards will be valid for four years for a disabled person. The plate or card will expire on the owner of the card’s birthday. If an organization has plates or cards, it will expire on June 30th.

You should make sure that the parking permit is renewed by the date listed on the card or plate. To renew this, you will need the permit registration and the application you used initially. You will bring this to the place where you received your permit. You can bring it to the Tax Collector’s Office or the License Plate Agency.

Disabled Veteran Plates

Someone who is a resident of Florida and is a veteran can qualify for disabled veteran plates. These plates can be used on a single vehicle. This vehicle can be a car or a motorcycle. In order to qualify for this plate, the person must have at least fifty percent of their impairment be related to service. This will be determined by the VA or Veteran’s Administration. The Federal Government can also decide if fifty percent of the impairment came from service.

You can also complete an application for a disabled veteran with a 1.50-dollar fee. You would submit this to the License Plate Agency or Tax Collector Office. When you get your plate, you will need to renew this plate annually. This fee is 1.50.

Where Can I Find a Tax Collector or License Plate Office?

Each county will have many different Tax Collector and License Plate offices. Each place will offer several services. Their services include disability and vehicle permits, license plate renews, and many other things. You will need to search your county to find where your local office is located. Keep in mind, there are multiple different offices per county. You can use the internet to find addresses and phone numbers of the nearest locations in your county.


It is not difficult to obtain a disabled person’s parking permit. All you need to do is meet some qualifications and you are well on your way. Once you meet the qualifications, you will simply need to fill out an application with your physician. The next step is finding your local agencies to get your plates or your card. Make sure you are hanging your card on your rearview mirror at all times when you are parking in handicap spots. If you do not do this, you could receive a hefty fine and your vehicle could be towed. If you have disabled plates, you do not have to worry about this. Just make sure that plats and cards are renewed on time to avoid issues.