If you are a person who has trouble getting around or simply have mobility issues, you know how amazing it feels to park close to the store or restaurant. You know that this helps you out tremendously. When you have a handicap parking permit, it will allow you to use the reserved parking spaces at the front of the stores and other buildings. However, if you are wanting a handicap parking permit, you must meet a few qualifications. Depending on your reason, the parking permit can be temporary or permanent. These permits can be displayed by a sticker on the outside of the vehicle, a license plate, or a placard.

Who Needs Handicap Parking Permits?

Someone may be eligible for a parking permit if they have some common health conditions. Many people do not even know they qualify until they are told by their doctors. Some of the most common reasons someone would need a handicap parking permit would be

  • They are unable to walk without using a stabilizing device. This could include a prosthetic, cane, brace, or crutch.
  • The person is bound to a wheelchair.
  • A person has a disease that limits their ability to use their legs or that limits how far they can walk at one certain time.
  • Someone who has lung disease or other breathing difficulties or diseases.
  • Someone who has cardiac disease or other issues with their heart.
  • If a person has vision problems. This includes being legally blind or having partial sightedness or low-vision. This is especially common to occur in people at night.
  • If the person has either a loss or impairment of one leg or both legs, one hand or both hands.
  • A person may qualify if they have arthritis.
  • Someone may qualify if they have mobility issues or impairments.
  • If someone suffers from limited mobility from neurological problems they may qualify.

If you do not see a medical condition on the list, that does not mean that someone wouldn’t qualify for it. In order to see if your medical condition qualifies for a disabled person’s parking permit, talk to your doctor. If you believe that you would benefit from a disabled person’s parking permit, your doctor will be able to tell you if that condition would qualify you or not.

Invisible Disabilities

Just because someone doesn’t look disabled, doesn’t mean that they aren’t. These handicap parking permits are not just for those who are in a wheelchair. While some people will misuse these parking permits, it doesn’t mean they are if they do not look disabled. There are several reasons that someone would qualify for the handicap parking permit that does not look disabled. These disabilities include

  • Someone who has had brain injuries or brain tumors.
  • If someone has lung and/or heart conditions.
  • A person who has suffered from back injuries and is now in a lot of pain.
  • People who suffer from chronic pain may qualify for a disabled person’s parking permit.
  • If the person has epilepsy or other seizure disorders.
  • If the person has had an organ transplant.
  • Not all prosthetics are visible, some people who have hidden prosthetics may qualify.
  • If a person has had recent surgery, they may qualify for a temporary parking permit.
  • If a person suffers from short-term memory loss or chronic fatigue they may qualify.
  • If someone has fibromyalgia, this is a qualifying condition.
  • A person who is going through chemotherapy, radiation or another type of cancer treatment may qualify for a permit.

Who Qualifies for a Temporary Disabled Person’s Parking Permit?

There are a lot of different reasons that someone may temporarily get a parking permit to use the handicap parking spots. The temporary cards can be used for six months before they expire. However, if your doctor states that you do not need it for six months, they will only issue it for the time they believe you would need it. Some of the most common conditions that a person would qualify for a temporary permit would be

  • Pregnant women. This is especially true if the woman has been medically put on bed rest.
  • Those who suffer from leg injuries. This could include knee injuries, broken legs, and broken ankles.
  • Those who are recovering from certain types of surgeries. These surgeries are generally more involved and serious. This would include back surgery.
  • Those who are going through different types of cancer treatments. Cancer treatment can make a person weak.
  • A condition that would require the temporary use of a wheelchair, brace, or other aid.

Rules for Using the Permit

When you are handed your temporary or permanent permit, you are the only one who can use this as stated by the law. You can use it whether you are driving or in the passenger of the vehicle, however, the card must be displayed when you are parking.

If you do not place your card or use it properly, it could result in the loss of your permit, as well as or in addition to significant fines. Keep in mind the person who the permit is issued under will receive the fines, however, sometimes the person using it can receive them as well. You may also be required to complete community service or face other penalties.

This means that it is not a good idea for anyone to use your card or borrow it. Most of the time the placard permits are considered temporary because they must be renewed more often than license plates. This would require the doctor to provide additional documentation regularly to allow the person to fill out the application.


Not all disabilities can be seen. Plus, some people are really good at hiding their disabilities. That doesn’t mean that people are faking it. Most people do not misuse these permits. Keep in mind that there are many qualifying disabilities that would allow a person to have a disabled person’s parking permit. These permits are required to be properly placed when using handicap parking.