You’ve visited many sites to help you discover what you need to apply for a handicap parking placard. Between all of your disoriented thoughts on where to start next, you stumble upon this model. You are aware that all of the rules are different for each state, but you will need to research your local laws also. The following manual will help you through this process.

Your First Steps to Apply in New York

Assume that you have already found your local New York Department of Motor Vehicles. Be sure you visit the branch closest to the town you live in. Throughout the state of New York, you will find locations of the DMV to begin your journey through the application process.

You pick up your application, but what do you do next? You must decide what type of parking permit you need. New York offers two different disability parking permits, New York State Permit or New York City Permit. Both disability parking permits have different eligibility requirements and are two different applications.

Your New York State Permits and New York City Permits

If you are choosing the New York State Handicap Parking Permit, you will be allowed to park anywhere in the state, for handicap accessible spots. If you are applying for a New York City Permit, you will only be allowed to park in handicap accessible spaces in New York City. However, with the city permit you need to review and follow the below guidelines:

  • You will only be allowed to use the New York City Permit in the city
  • You require usage of a private vehicle
  • You are permitted to park anywhere with paid meters for accessible parking, within New York City at no charge to you
  • Renewal forms will be sent six weeks prior to your expiration date on your parking placard, you may need a new re-certification from your physician, depending on your condition
  • Parking placards are available to residents and non-residents, to apply you must present a valid ID showing the state and city that you live in
  • New York City Permits can be used for vacation purposes for out of state guests
  • Your city permit can include up to three vehicles, if you need to change or add another vehicle you can do so permanently or temporarily by filling out the needed application with vehicle information

Most of the above rules apply within the New York State Permit with a few exceptions and differences. Please see the below list for your procedures for the New York State handicap parking permit:

  • You must have a valid New York State driver’s license or ID to apply
  • You are able to park in any accessible space within the state
  • Your parking permit is valid in other states and within Canada’s provinces

What Qualifies You?

You will need to completely fill out your portion of the application, then find your medical doctor who can medically certify that your disability qualifies. Next, you will need to complete a medical certification from your physician stating the disability as temporary or permanent, as a required part of your application Your medically necessary disabilities that qualify you for a parking permit are:

  • You have no use or limited use of your leg(s)
  • You have a neuro-muscular dysfunction that adversely affects your ability to walk
  • You are legally blind
  • You have a mental or physical ailment that affects your ability to utilize public transit

All applications for disability parking permits must be in person at your local New York Department of Motor Vehicles. Your permanent New York state handicap parking placard is valid up to five years and expires on the last day of the month of expiration. Remember, if you need to renew your permanent disability parking placard you must visit a location of the New York DMV, in person.

How You Use Your Parking Permit in New York

If you received a New York State parking permit, you must hang the placard in your rearview mirror, showing your expiration date through your windshield. If you received a New York City Permit, you will have a placard that you place on your dashboard that will need to be visible through your windshield. It’s imperative that you do not use any parking placards while your car is in motion.

What Happens When Your Parking Permits are Lost, Stolen, or Never Received?

If you applied and never received your permits through the mail, you will need to fill out and submit a Never Received Permit form through the mail to:

Permits and Customer Service Unit
Never Received Permits PPPD
New York City Department of Transportation
30-30 Thomson Avenue, 2nd Floor
Long Island City, NY 11101-3045

If your handicap parking permit is lost or stolen, you are required to report the crime or loss at your nearest law enforcement agency. Once you receive a report number for the loss or theft of your parking permits, you must send your police report, number, and completed lost/stolen report form to the New York Department of Transportation by mail at:

Permits and Customer Service Unit
Lost and Stolen Permits PPD
New York City Department of Transportation
30-30 Thomson Avenue, 2nd Floor
Long Island City, NY 11101-3045

Be cautious with each of your disability placards, you will only be allowed two replacements if you lose the placards, or if your permit is stolen. After the two replacements, you will not be permitted issuance of another disabled parking permit, unless the New York Department of Transportation allows issuance.

Your Completion of the Process

After you have reviewed this model thoroughly, you will be able to understand New York’s laws, rules, procedures of all disabled parking permits. You need to complete some research to figure out which placard will best suit your needs and then complete your application, thoroughly. Remember to only visit a Department of Motor Vehicles location in person to submit your application and be sure to bring copies of your valid vehicle registration and other identifying information.